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  • A Few Quick Buying Stories
    This article has 11 short stories about buying antiques and collectibles. Each has a simple lesson to help you become a better purchaser of used items for resale or your collection.
  • Some Observations On My 2013 EBay Effort
    While doing my taxes, I started thinking about last year's results. This article just has some quick lessons based on my results.
  • The Fixed Price Trap
    Are you caught in the fixed price trap? This article explains how eBay sellers damage their businesses by falling into the Fixed Price Trap, and some suggestions for avoiding the trap.
  • How To Have Negative Feedback Removed For Under $500
    An Ohio eBay seller named med_express_sales has found an innovative way to get negative and neutral feedback removed. This article explains how they get buyers to remove or alter feedback.
  • How To Write EBay Descriptions That SELL
    Many of us have mastered the basics of selling on eBay. We know how to take pictures, we know how to list items with simple descriptions, and in the past this was good enough. To compete today we need to write better descriptions and titles to stand out from the clutter.
  • How eBay Best Match Search Works
    Knowing how best match search works is important because it's the default search method on eBay, and if you do something that lowers your listing's visibility, people won't ever even see your title, much less your description.
  • Dealing With eBay Changes 2012
    How to deal with eBay changes for 2012. EBay has just announced changes for fall 2012. This article looks at how the changes will effect sellers. Also covers 2012 eBay Spring Seller Update and 2011 changes.
  • Using Facebook and Pinterest to Promote eBay Auctions
    How to get more bids and sales by using Facebook and Pinterest to increase eBay auction exposure.
  • Online Promotion Methods
    How to get more sales on and off eBay. Also how eBay's default best match search option works with fixed priced listings that don't generate lots of sales.
  • You A Collectible Expert?
    How to turn your antiques and collectible knowledge into an online business, and claim your expert status.

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