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Who Else Wants To Be In The Top 5 Percent Of eBay Sellers?

Are You Getting Top Dollar In Your Auctions?
Are Poor Quality Photos Costing You Money?
Are You New To eBay and Want To Get Started The Right Way?

Do You Want To Take Your eBay Business To The Next Level,
And. . .

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Auction Revolution system is for you.

Read on to learn how to make more money in your auctions.

Do you confuse experience with skills?

If you are like 95 percent of eBay sellers, you bumbled through your first few dozen auctions, and then settled into a routine. It was probably such a thrill to get those first auctions listed, you might have even rewarded yourself for a job well done when you got paid.

But, did you continue to improve your eBay selling skills?

Be honest with yourself here. Have you spent time learning how to improve your eBay selling system? Or, have you fallen into a routine and just keep doing the same thing over and over again?

How much time you have spent testing new things and improving your system?

How much time have you spent seeking new sources for items to sell?

Sadly most eBay sellers - actually most people in general - spend very little time adding to their skills. We tend to learn enough to get by, and then settle into a routine.

Isn't it time you got out of the rut and started making real money?


"Whatever you are selling on eBay the most important aspect to your success is a thorough understanding of the process and reasons behind each action you take." So many people just do what they see others do without thinking it through or testing the results. I appreciate throughout your book that you took the time to say WHY you chose to do things a certain way.

You have encouraged me and affirmed what I already knew. I love your description of why reserves and BIN's are counterproductive. I have observed that they were not wise for collectibles, but would not have been able to describe the reasons why as well as you did.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Elaine Smith

Now you can quickly jump into the top five percent of eBay sellers...

In the Auction Revolution, you will not only learn the most effective ways to sell items on eBay, you will learn why. In fact, you will learn an entire system for maximizing your eBay profits.

Here's just a little bit of what you will learn:

  • How to identify used items that will bring good money in eBay auctions.
  • How to write a description that will always get you higher bids.
  • How to get great looking, fast loading pictures into your eBay online auctions.
  • How to make your buyers eager to leave you Positive Feedback.
  • What day and times to end your auctions so more buyers can bid.
  • How to quickly find the right category so more buyers find and bid on your internet auctions.
  • How to offer a money back guarantee and get virtually NO returns.
  • Why using a reserve price or "Buy It Now" price can cost you money.
  • How to get buyers to search your other auctions and bid on multiple items. Even if they only end up buying one thing from you, every bid means more money in your pocket.
  • Where to get free packing materials, and how to pack your items so your buyers are WOWED when they get their purchase- this will drastically lower complaints and returns.
  • How, and more importantly, when, to spruce up your eBay online auctions with colors, and other HTML codes. The appendix has a list of the exact codes you'll use to add color, to make words bold, italic, centered and many other simple tags to make your auctions look good and bring higher bids. You can copy and paste these tags right into your auctions.
  • How to take great photos of your items.
  • Bidder Psychology. Knowing how buyers think and act allows you to influence buyers to bid higher amounts.
  • One simple sentence that will increase final bid amounts by up to 23 percent.
  • How to claim your auction visitors as your customers.
  • How to quickly crop and edit your photos so they load faster and show bidders the important details.
  • How to stage your photographs to get the highest bids.
  • What one item you should always include in your photos.
  • One commonly used photo technique that will ALWAYS lower your profits.
  • How to save money on image hosting and get better pictures at the same time.
  • How to take advantage of sellers who do not know what they are doing and buy items for pennies on the dollar.
  • How to use your eBay Me page to increase your profits and get higher bids in your auctions.

I thought I was an 'experienced' auction runner and pretty much knew all there was to know. The Auction Revolution opened my eyes to hundreds of tricks and techniques I hadn't even dreamed about.

It's always great to be able to learn from someone who has made all the mistakes. Now I can run the eBay course without distractions, detours and dead ends.

Selling and buying on eBay and other online auction sites is a *business* first and foremost. If you're not there to make money, you're wasting your time. Every tip, trick and technique I've learned from "Auction Revolution" has put me one big step ahead of the other guys.

Mike Hayward

Do you confuse experience with skills?

Many people confuse experience with skills. We confuse experience with skills because it is easier to measure experience. We can put a number on it.

We say things like:

  • I have 10 years experience.
  • I have done 12,000 eBay auctions.
  • I have driven millions of miles in my car.

Ok, well the last one is probably an exaggeration, but all these statements have numbers. We concentrate on the numbers rather than the knowledge. We assume repetition means knowledge.

We assume repetition means higher skills.

But the hidden truth is repetition is not the same as skills. Just having a number gives no information about skills.

Let me give you an example - my mom's husband Jay has been driving since 1956. That's almost sixty years. He was never really good at driving, and, sadly, he has gotten worse.

He has fifty years of driving experience, but only a few short months of building skills. He has actually spent more time forgetting how to drive, than he spent learning in the first place.

If anything, the only skill he has mastered in the past fifty years is how to deal with accidents. He is pretty good at talking with insurance adjusters, and the guy at the body shop sends him birthday and Christmas cards.

The sad truth is, he's learned how to clean up his messes, but he hasn't learned how to stop making them.

You see, skills are only improved by thinking about what you are doing, and looking for better ways.

This is where the majority of eBay sellers go wrong. They never spend time increasing their skills. They know enough to list items and sell them, but never stop to think about how to do it better.

One of the reasons for this is they never see the money they waste. They never see the profits they miss out on. Not seeing these losses, these sellers blindly continue to throw away money.

Read on - I will show you tens of thousands of dollars eBay sellers are wasting every week.

Do you trust eBay's help system?

I know many people think the eBay help menus are all you need to sell on eBay.

They are wrong. Plain and simple.

If you think eBay's help system will help you maximize your income you are misguided.

You see, eBay wants you to believe they are interested in helping you. They need you to believe this so you will blindly follow their advice, and continue wasting your money. Even worse... you will not get the highest possible prices in your auctions.

Think about it, eBay wants to sell you services. They do not have your best interests in mind. They only care about the fees you pay. eBay wants you to think selling is more complicated than it is. They want you to think images are difficult.

They want you confused and at their mercy.

It's no secret. . .

eBay wants your money.

And unless you know the right way to list items on eBay, you will end up giving eBay more money than you need to.

Here's just a few of the mistakes you'll make if you trust the eBay help system:

  • You will waste money on expensive listing upgrades that do not increase the final bid amount.
  • If you use eBay's picture service, the slideshow upgrade eBay offers will ALWAYS lower final bid amounts.
  • eBay's category suggestion tool will only help you find the right category 25 percent of the time. Three out of four of your auctions will end up in the wrong category unseen by bidders.

Do you want proof eBay's help menu will not help the average user make the right choices?

eBay's help menu clearly explains the cost for each different opening bid amount. Yet, sellers list items with an opening bid of $10.00 and spend an extra 20 cents on listing fees rather than opening the bidding at $9.99. This is just wasting money.

Click on the link below (it opens in a new window) to see thousands of Buy It Now auctions with the word "Old" in them where sellers are wasting money by starting their auctions at $10.00 rather than $9.99. Note - I used the word old in the search because using a word like "the" or "a" results in too many listings for the eBay search system to deal with.

See The Waste
(Link opens in new window.)

Every one of those auctions is money thrown away in wasted eBay fees.

It is outrageous. When I created that link I did a few dozen searches (You'll learn how to master the eBay search system in the Auction Revolution.) and found over 40,000 auctions started at $10.00. At just a quarter an auction that's over $10,000 a week eBay is making off uneducated sellers.

But, it gets worse...

This same behavior applies at all starting prices, with even higher wasted amounts. The difference between starting an auction at $49.99 and 50.00 is 45 cents. The link below will open a window with hundreds of auctions, again with the word old in them, started at fifty dollars.

See More Wasted Money
(Link opens in new window.)

I found over 15,000 auctions with an opening bid of $50.00 running when I wrote this paragraph. That's 18,000 dollars blindly wasted by sellers who trusted the eBay help system every week.

After seeing this do you still believe the average eBay seller knows what he is doing?

If one of your auctions is listed on the two pages above you should save yourself some time and scroll down to the order link and get started making more money and stop wasting your money.

Let me tell you a story. . .

I know someone who spent $125 in listing fees in order to sell an item - one item - for $140. I hope he paid less than $15 for it!

Remember - he has experience; he's an expert. I almost said he is an embarrassed expert, but I don't think he even knows what he did. He is like 95 percent of eBay sellers just blindly listing and selling items. He is caught in the trap of list and ship. List and ship.

He doesn't have the time to think about how to sell more effectively. Even worse, he doesn't see the need to improve his skills. He just doesn't know any better.

Click here to move into the Top Five Percent of eBay sellers.

Terry -

The most important thing covered in the Auction Revolution is the fact that you must have a system in place for your auctions to ensure consistency and maximum efficiency.

The book covered areas I had not thought much about. I have always wondered about whether it is worth using any of the additional listing upgrades that are available, and that section of the book definitely helped clarify what may be helpful and what definitely isn't.

The Auction Revolution has definitely changed the way I've looked at ebay. In addition to the things I've learned as mentioned above, I never considered the possibility of eBay arbitrage. Thanks again for your help and all the great info.


Eric S. Whitehead

However, you can avoid these costly mistakes.

After reading the Auction Revolution, you will know exactly how to get the highest selling prices for every item you sell on eBay.

Let's go back and think about the ten dollar items sold in Buy It Now listings. What are these sellers thinking?

A ten dollar item sold with a Buy It Now will net $7.35 after eBay fees. The search above returns items with the word old in them. A search for the word "new" at a ten dollar price brings back too many items for the eBay search system to handle. That means there are hundreds of thousands of these listings.

Unless the sellers are getting the items for next to nothing, they are not making much money. After all, they cannot be making more than $7.35 per sale. To make a thousand dollar a week, they'd have to sell 136 items, and get them all for free.

It's not happening. . .

These sellers are fooling themselves.

Note: there is a way to make money by listing inexpensive items on eBay in order to attract viewers to another website, but these sellers are not doing this. You will learn how to do this in the Auction Revolution. (More on this later.)

Sadly, most eBay sellers believe the only way to make more money on eBay is to list more items. It's the volume trap.

Are you a victim of the volume trap?

I'll admit it. I once thought the only way to increase my eBay profits was to list more items. In fact, I was so sure volume was the key, that at one time I was selling over 700 items a week on eBay.

I made good money, but sadly I didn't have the time, or energy for that matter, to do much else. I lived and breathed eBay.

I was trapped in the cycle of list and ship, list and ship. There had to be a better way.

I started looking for the way out. First I tried outsourcing the work. I hired a woman to list and ship my items. I handled the money and found the products; while she did everything else.

In order to make it easier to keep track of everything I systemized the whole selling process even further. It didn't work... I went through three women in as many months.

Poor packaging resulted in damage. Inadequate descriptions resulted in streams of complaining buyers who needed to be pacified. Items listed in the wrong categories and without the important keywords sold for less than I paid for them.

I came to one conclusion - either do it myself or find another way out.

I found the way out. In February of 2003, I walked away from my eBay consignment business. I had been doing eBay consignment since 1998. (I actually wrote the first book on eBay consignment! Maybe you have read it?)

No more listing 50 to 100 items a day. No more spending 10 hours a week making out the bank deposits.

I figured it out!

I found a way to make more money on eBay, while running fewer auctions and doing less work. Today, I still sell on eBay, but rarely more than 100 items a month. As a rule I do not list more than 25 items a week.

You see, I can list about 25 items in an hour while I am watching TV. I spend about two to three minutes on each auction. That includes everything from sorting to taking the photos and starting the auctions.

A bit of disclosure here - I specialize in used toys. Everything I sell is different; every auction has unique photos and descriptions. Because I specialize, I don't have to do much research to figure out the best category or grading standards. This makes the listing process much faster. If I was listing something I knew nothing about it, it would take me an additional four or five minutes to find the right keywords and the best category. (You'll learn how to do this research quickly in the Auction Revolution.)

eBay is just the beginning of your online opportunity.

Let me tell you a dirty little secret eBay doesn't even try to hide.

eBay considers your buyers and the people who look at your auctions eBay's customers. Not yours.

In fact, eBay has modified the system to make it more difficult for your customers to contact you. eBay doesn't want you talking directly to your customers because they don't get paid when you sell directly to a customer.

The problem is your customers are valuable. To maximize your income, you must be able to communicate with your past customers. You must leverage your auctions to capture all the possible profits.

Consider this scenario. Say you found a great deal on a quantity of items. Without a customer list, you'll have to list each item on eBay separately or in a Multiple Items auction. Either way, it will take you time and cost you eBay fees to reconnect with your past customers.

On the other hand, with a customer list all you need to do is send a simple email and the orders will come in. Even better, with your own list you do not have to pay eBay a percentage of your profits.

Don't get me wrong here. I love eBay. I have sold over 17,000 items on eBay over the years and made a lot of money doing it. I think eBay provides a great service.

eBay is a great way for buyers and sellers to get together.

However, when eBay makes it more difficult to build relationships with your customers, they are going to far.

In the Auction Revolution, you will learn how to get a majority of the people who view your auctions to give you their names and email addresses so you can offer them items directly.

Let me be clear here. You'll get contact information from not only the people who bid or buy your items, but everyone who looks at your auctions.

In this section of the Auction Revolution you will discover:

  • How to force people who look at your auctions to go to your website.
  • A step by step system to get people to come to your website and give you their valuable contact information.
  • You will learn how to profitably use the contact information.
  • You will learn how to use eBay to prospect for new customers.
  • You will learn how to communicate with your contacts and maximize the money they spend.

Even better, with the Auction Revolution, you will get your own personalized system to drive people from your auctions to your website. (If you don't have a website yet, you will learn how to set up a simple website. You'll even get templates you can use to make it easier.)

The Auction Revolution will show you step by step how to reclaim your customers from eBay.


Great book, everything you said re-enforced what it took me 6 months and quite a bit of trial and error to learn! This is giving away the secrets you should really be stopped!!! Seriously, the books is well planned out and is easily digested, I wish that I had read this before starting to sell on eBay.

If I was starting out along the eBay way then this is EXACTLY the type of info I wish I could have had. It's the inside skinny on eBay.

After reading the Auction Revolution, I can sleep knowing that I am getting every last penny out of my auctions because they are as effective as they can be.


Stuart Morrison

After reading the Auction Revolution, you will be able to list items in a matter of minutes.

You'll learn:

  • How to deal with pictures fast.
  • How to find the right keywords and categories in seconds. How to find out if your item is even worth listing.
  • How to get the highest prices in your auctions.
  • How to quickly find the important keywords buyers search for and include them in your auctions. For any item - even if you don't know what it is!
  • How to identify and exploit demand bubbles to get extra profits
  • Exactly which eBay listing extras are worth using and how to use them. This will save you money in wasted listing fees.
  • How the eBay search system works, and more importantly, how bidders use it to find items.
  • The five most common mistakes made by eBay sellers and how to avoid them.
  • How to write the most effective title for your auction.
  • How to write your auction description.
  • The secret to power listing.
  • How to increase bidder's trust. trust equals higher bids.
  • How to leverage your eBay auctions into a profitable internet business.
  • The secrets of bidder psychology and how to compel bidders to spend their money on your items.
  • How to stop wasting your time listing marginally profitable items, and concentrate on the big money.
  • How to profit from your listings even if your item gets no bids!
  • How to select the right auction length for any item.
  • The right way to drive bidders between your auctions.
  • The power of specialization and how to make it work for you.
  • How to increase the traffic to your auctions.
  • The one thing that will always lower the selling price of your items.
  • Seven ways to profit from eBay arbitrage.
  • How to make your buyers more confident about dealing with you. Higher confidence means higher bids.
  • How to lower complaints.
  • How to maximize your feedback.
  • Eight ways to find profitable items to sell.
  • The dirty secret most auction management companies hide from you.
  • How to select the best Auction management site.
  • Three fast ways to drive off potential bidders. You'll be amazed how many eBay sellers make these mistakes.
  • The difference between selling and entertaining, and how it effects your bottom line.
  • How to plan your auction.
  • What listing upgrades are worth using.

I have been selling on eBay since 1998. The Auction Revolution is the best eBay overview I have read, and I have read many. I wish I had been able to read this four or five years ago. This information is what turns a novice into an expert.

Mark Snomyn

Are you a victim of eBay Arbitrage?

Did you know you can buy items almost every day of the week on eBay, then relist them on eBay for big profits?

It's called eBay Arbitrage. Knowledgeable eBayers make hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars every month by practicing eBay Arbitrage.

You see, we prey on people who do not know what they are doing and screw up their listings. They make simple mistakes, and we laugh all the way to the bank.

You can do this...

In fact, you can profit from eBay Arbitrage with little or no extra effort. You can do it in the normal course of listing and watching your auctions.

In the Auction Revolution, you will learn seven different ways to profit from inexperienced sellers.

Only the top five percent of eBay sellers are immune from eBay Arbitrage.

Want proof?

I bought an item from one of the large professional eBay consignment sellers a few months back, and resold it on eBay for a tidy 282 dollar profit. I didn't do anything but photograph it and list correctly. (I would have gotten even more for it, but the "professional eBay seller" wrote an inventory number on it with a magic marker cutting the value in half!)

Once you join the top five percent of eBay sellers, you will be able to sleep at night knowing you are leaving no money on the table. You will know your aren't giving away your profits to sellers with more knowledge than you.

Hello Terry,

I now see some listing mistakes that I can correct. The pictures section was most valuable to me, very informative. I look forward to implementing these changes in my auctions.

Thanks a ton,

Dave Simpson

The majority of eBay sellers do not do what is in their best interests. With the Auction Revolution, you will learn the best ways to sell on eBay.

  • How to use listing upgrades to maximize your items' visibility.
  • Should you ship internationally?
  • How to predetermine shipping costs.
  • Four common international shipping problems and how to solve them.
  • Seven ways to get paid, and which is the best option for you.
  • How to use images in your auctions.
  • The best place to put your photos in your description.
  • The three steps all bidders take before bidding. Make these difficult, and the potential bidder will leave without bidding.
  • How to build and use auction templates effectively. You'll save time and get higher bids.

There is more to having a successful eBay business than knowing the right way to sell on eBay. You need products to sell. Maybe you already have items to sell, or have a way to get new products. Maybe not.

Looking for items to sell on eBay?

I meet people standing in line at the post office who are flush with anticipation. These people are just starting to sell on eBay and think they are making money fast.

Actually most of them are not making money. They are just turning unwanted items in their homes into cash. This is a great way to start selling on eBay, but it is not a strategy for long term success.

After you have sold everything that wasn't nailed down, you will need to find a reliable source for items to sell on eBay. There are a number of different avenues available to find items for resale.

You will learn fifteen different ways to get products in the Auction Revolution.

One last thing. . .

When you purchase the Auction Revolution, you'll also get access to my secret eBay forum. The forum contains over a dozen helpful reports on a variety of topics and is a safe place to get advice from other eBay sellers. The forum is private and moderated meaning you won't have to put up with aggressive behavior or spammy posts by other members.

But wait, it gets even better. . .

You won't risk a penny either. Because I will back you with a. . .

8 Week 100% Money Back
"No Questions Asked" Guarantee!

Order the Auction Revolution. Read it, learn from it, use what you learn for 8 whole weeks (56 long days). If you aren't convinced this is everything I promised... then I insist you return the package... and I will rush you a refund of every penny of the purchase price.

Your investment is only $39.97. You will quickly recoup this small investment in added income and be able to sleep at night knowing you are making the maximum profits from you eBay auctions.

This is an eBook in PDF format. After paying by credit card, PayPal, or online check, you will download the book and read it on your computer. You can also print the book. The book works with all computers.

Join me in the top five percent of eBay sellers,
you'll be glad you did.

Terry Gibbs


Thanks for explaining how easy it is to host my own pics. I don't have to use third party services to get professional results. The free Ftp & Image software trial downloads were a nice surprise!!

Stephen A. Banks

PS. Still think you don't need to hone your eBay selling skills? Are you going to be able to sleep tonight absolutely, positively sure you were not a victim of eBay Arbitrage? If you can answer yes, then you don't need the Auction Revolution.

PPS. If you are currently selling on eBay, every day you delay claiming your customers is a day you're not maximizing your profits. Remember the Auction Revolution is guaranteed, you have nothing to lose.

PPPS. If you sell on eBay, your $39.97 investment may be tax deductible. You should print your receipt - it will be emailed to you - for your tax records.

PPPPS. Some eBay sellers have begged me not release this information. Others asked me to raise the price so fewer people would buy the package. Because I think there is more than enough profits for all of us on eBay, I am going to continue selling this information. But, I cannot promise to maintain this low price.

Hi Terry,

While reading the Auction Revolution I learned that you *must* research your item before you list it to understand what keywords to use and what categories to sell in.

I also realized I had been pissing my $$ away using eBay Picture service!

Thanks for helping me make my listings stand out.

Great book!

Rob Mickatavage
Cpl. USMC ret.
Port Chester, NY

The section on encouraging bidding wars really analyzes bidder psychology. This is a vital topic which is rarely discussed in any detail by other ebooks on auction techniques.

Paul Wagner

I was using eBay's photo service until I read the chapter on photo hosting. You have saved me a lot of money by opening my eyes to other options.

Editing my pictures is simple after reading your easy to understand tutorial. I can see it saving me time with my auction listings.

Randolph Rhodes

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